Wireless Charger / Power Adaptor USB

Keeping your iPhone charged on a busy day is a legitimate concern. It is important to keep one’s phone fully charged while working, and at the same time to ensure that it caters to their convenience. At Mobile Cases Online, we provide a range of affordable wireless chargers for iPhones. Our products range in price from 3.99 pounds to 15.99 pounds.

Our 15W Magnetic Charger Pad, is a product of its own kind. It is available at a rate of 15.99 pounds, and goes very well with your iPhone 12. The Pad easily sticks to your phone, allowing you to charge your device at your own convenience, and to avoid the problems with damaged charging cables. The Huawei Qi Wireless Charger Dock Pad Mat, comes at an affordable rate of 9.99 pounds. This useful product, provides the user easy access while charging their phone.

We also sell adaptors, USB cables, as well as Fast Charger Connectors on our website. Our delivery across the UK is free of charge. So hop in and get yourself a convenient and up-to-date charger for your iPhone.