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Face Mask Breathable Washable 2.5M Filter
Protective Mouth Protection Black

Washable and Reusable Face mask
Sick of buying masks over and over again? Well not anymore! These reusable and washable facemasks are now the next generation of Facemasks. They provide protection from Dust / Dirt and Water Particle but most importantly can easily be washed and reused saving you money!

2.5M Filter
A Special 2.5m Built in Filter will help keep those tiny particles of dust and dirt out much better than compared to masks without a filter

Breathable Our Material is fully breathable and is effortless while wearing. The Material Feel is a Light Soft Foam Design

Comfortable to Wear
At a time like this you want all your loved ones to be wearing these at all times. That can only happen if these are comfortable to wear. Our are fitted with comfortable loop ear holes on each side which will sit behind you ears providing a comfortable and nice fit for all day use!

One Size Fits All
Due to the high quality ear loops, these are a one size fits all. So simply apply the mask, stretch the ear loops around the ears and enjoy!

Ultimate Protection
As previously mentioned, they will resist Dust / Water / Droplets entering the mask.

Non Irritant
All our FaceMasks are Non Irritant so you can rest assured you will be able to use these with ultimate comfort.